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Hiring a marquee can be expensive and for a lot of people an unfamiliar experience.

1. How much does hiring a marquee cost?

Prices range from £200 to over £5000. The cost of hiring a marquee depends on a number of factors, is it lined and how much do you wish to add to the package. For an accurate price, don't hesitate to contact us.

2. What size marquee do I need?

The answer depends on a number of factors. How many people are attending your event and what other items do you want in your marquee, for example a dance floor or the number of tables. For help with your assessment please contact us.

3. How does the marquee hire process work?

  • If you would like a marquee, we offer a free site survey where we will take a closer look and measure your site, offer suggestions to achieve the type of marquee, size, layout and the look you are after.
  • We will send you a quote.
  • Following a confirmed booking, we will contact you a fortnight before your event to arrange dates for the putting up and taking down of your marquee. Normally we will put your marquee a few days before your event, depending on the size, and dismantle it a few days after. But we will try and fit in with your arrangements.
  • We put up your marquee. If the marquee is at your home we will try and interfere as little as possible with your home life. The time it takes to put up your marquee depends on the size. Normally, it takes a day.
  • After your event, we take down the marquee, ensuring that the site is left as tidy as possible. Again, this will take about a day to take down.